We supply valves for precision processes and complex applications

Whether liquid, powder or gas - the quality and reliability of Plindo valves and automation systems are the industry's first choice.


In addition to conventional power generation applications, we can also provide innovative solutions for exploring and effectively utilizing renewable energy.
  •  Fossil fuel power plant
  •  Combined cycle power plant
  •  Nuclear Power Plant
  •  Various renewable energy sources


Whether it's extreme temperatures, high pressure or abrasive, aggressive and solid-filled liquids, our products can handle almost any challenge.
  •  Chemical Industry
  •  Surface treatment application
  •  Food and beverage industry
  •  Heat transfer and cooling system
  •  General process oil and gas production
  •  Shipping and terminal facilities


  •  Food
  •  Drink
  •  Paper and paper products
  •  Basic medicines and pharmaceutical preparations
  •  Rubber and plastic products
  •  Non-metallic minerals
  •  Alkaline metal
  •  Nuclear fuel processing
  •  Metal processed products
  •  Steam generator
  •  Electrical equipment
  •  Other manufacturing


  •  Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
  •  Vessel and mobile structure construction
  •  Railway locomotives and rail vehicles
  •  Aviation and spacecraft and related machinery

 Water supply / wastewater management

Principal's expertise and many types of valve products will help you meet your various water and wastewater treatment requirements efficiently and cost effectively.
  •  Water transfer
  •  Drain
  •  Wastewater transportation

 Building service system

Principal valves are used in industrial and residential buildings, offices, exhibition halls and airports.
  •  Civil water supply
  •  Building drainage
  •  Heating
  •  Air conditioning
  •  Ventilation

Our services

The key to PLINDO valve high performance technology is our 80 years of industry experience combined with research innovation. Our products have established standards in many areas, and our customers have given us more appreciation and trust.

  •  Valve product supplier
  •  Product Automation System Solutions
  •  Continuous technology development
  •  Product energy efficiency optimization