Hydraulic control valve series
P100 Remote Control Floating Ball Valve
Performance parameter

working principle

Use the water level to control the float lift to control the opening and closing of the main valve to achieve the valve that automatically controls the set level.


- When the water level drops to the lower limit, the main valve opens to supply water to the tank/tank.
- When the water level rises to the upper limit, the main valve closes and stops supplying water to the tank/tank. The design is simple and reliable, easy to install and maintain.

product manual

The hydraulic control valve is generally divided into two types: diaphragm type and piston type. The company adopts a diaphragm type with a caliber of Φ600mm or less, and a piston type with a caliber of Φ600mm or more.
The hydraulic control valve is a combination of a main valve and an external needle valve, a sound guide valve, etc., and is transformed into a remote control float valve, a fixed water level valve, a pressure reducing valve, and a slow closing check valve in accordance with the purpose, function and location. , flow control valves, pressure relief valves, electric control valves and pump control valves. The main valve is composed of main parts such as valve body, diaphragm, valve stem assembly and valve seat.