Butterfly valve
Double eccentric lug high performance butterfly valve PWBGH03 series
Performance parameter


• High performance adjustment cut-off type. That can be used as a regulating valve and can be cut
Use the broken valve.
• Excellent gas and liquid isolation and flow regulation.
• The valve seat has small opening and closing friction, no stuck, and long service life.
• Sealing ring for easy replacement and adjustment of sealing performance.
• Low operating torque and reliable torque shutoff.
• It can be designed as a fireproof structure according to customer needs.

Product Standards

Design and manufacturing standards: GB/T12238, API 609,
EN 593, ISO 10631
Flange connection standard: GB/T 9113,
ASME B16.5 ASME B16.47, EN 1092,
ISO 7005
Structure length standard: GB/T 12221,
API 609 ASME B16.10, EN 558, ISO 5752
Test inspection standard: GB/T 13927, API 598,
EN 12266-1, ISO 5208

Technical Parameters

Nominal diameter: 1-1/2" ~ 48" (DN40~1200)
Nominal pressure: 150LB ~ 600LB (PN6~100)
Temperature range: -50 ° C ~ 200 ° C
Connection method: clip type, lug type, flange type
Applicable medium: fresh water, sea water, air, almost all
Chemicals and various corrosive media.