Butterfly valve
Butt Welding Tri-eccentric Metal Hard Sealed Butterfly ValvePWBGH02系列
Performance parameter

Product characteristics

High performance tri-eccentric sealing structure patented by our company
Excellent gas and liquid isolation and flow regulation
Section Characteristics Welded Stainless Steel or Surfacing Carbide Valves
Suitable for long life use
Opening and closing of seat without friction, abrasion and sticking
Sealing rings that are easy to replace and adjust sealing performance
Applicable to harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and corrosiveness
Low Operating Torque and Reliable Torque Turn-off
Essential fire safety design

Product standard

Design Standards: GB, API, ANSI, DIN, ISO, JIS
Connection flange: GB/T9113, ASME B16.5, ASMEB16.47, AWWA C207, EN1092, ISO7005, JIS B2220, JIS B2212, GOST;

Technical parameters

Nominal Path: DN50-3600mm (2"-144")
Nominal pressure: PN6-PN100 (150LB-600LB) working temperature: -5 C ~ 150 C
Temperature range: - 29 - 730 C
Applicable media: water, oil, gas, acid, alkali, salt and other weak corrosive media