Butterfly valve
Double eccentric butterfly valve PWBG/X/H/p
Performance parameter

Design features

•Double eccentric valve plate structure
•Standard product configurations for gearboxes and handwheels
•Design standard EN 593
•Adapt to multiple executing agencies
•Face to Face Size Standard EN558-1 SERIES 14/13
•Flange connection size EN 1092-2
•Stress Level: PN 10 | PN 16 | PN 25 | PN 40

Applicable accessories

Extension rod connector E2, DN 200:No.9211
Square Head Connector: No. 2161
Executing agency: No. 9920
Flat cushion: No. 3390

Material combination

1 body seal ring: stainless steel surfacing/grinding
2 Valve Body/Plate: Ductile Iron, Epoxy Resin Powder Coating
3 Valve Plate Seal Ring: High Elastic Rubber
4 Valve Plate Seal Ring Fixing Ring: Carbon Steel, Epoxy Resin Powder Coating
•All connectors are stainless steel
•The bearing system is bronze, self-lubricating
•The valve shaft is made of stainless steel
•Handwheel made of cast iron and epoxy powder coating